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E35 Lift Smart and Lift for a Lifetime

In 2010, Nate became certified through the American College of Sports Medicine. His knowledge and expertise have already helped hundreds of people reach their fitness goals. He has worked with both children and adults, men and women, athletes and those with chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis.

Nate also incorporates his skills and his love of fitness into his own lifestyle. In 2009 he lost over 30 pounds and had a great time doing it! He has also stayed in shape despite undergoing three major surgeries in 2011 and 2012. As a personal trainer, he strives to help individuals achieve a healthier lifestyle through workouts that are safe, fun, and effective!




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E34 Battle Cry and Be Clean

Muscle Motivation: Battle Cry

I have been to the end of world and seen the burning forest;
I heard the whale songs, and walked the 1,000 lakes.
I have saved babies both human and animal.
I saved marriages and risen others to new heights.
I see greatness in others and in myself.
There is nothing I can not connqure
No prize I can not win
No joy that I can not capture
No goal I can not achieve
Hear me; rejoice; and be warned
I am the greatness of humanity embodied.

Eat Clean; Be Clean

  • Tidy up to achieve
    • Create patterns/ protocols
    • Ready your life
    • Commit
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E33: Heroic Humanity & Tight Triceps


Heroic Humanity

  • What is a hero
    • Someone with the power to effect positive change and overcome obstacles.
  • Why are they a hero
    • How they make others feel about themselves.
    • How they make others feel about the world or life in general.
  • How do heroes act/react
    • Those who try and fail.
    • Those who prey on others.
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