S2 E12 Hank Pellissier Lifting Stronger Starting in Your 60’s

Hank Pellissier is a writer, producer, and fundraiser. He’s written for NYTimes, Salon.com, SFGate.com, and GreatSchools.org; he’s program director of Brighter Brains Institute, a think-and-do tank that’s set up six clinics and one orphanage in Uganda; he’s Managing Director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology; and he’s produced 10 conferences on transhumanist topics, in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, and Washington DC. He lives in Piedmont, California with his wife and two daughters, and he works out at 24-Hour Fitness in Oakland. He’s also run marathons, and he lived for year in Costa Rica, trail-running happily in the jungle.


Email Hank Pellissier: hank@ieet.org

E36 Brains vs Bronze Powerlifting and Transhumanism

Chris T. Armstrong is a secular transhumanist and self-appointed publicist of all things H+/Singularity related.

He has had articles published on immortallife.info, IEET.org, BrighterBrains.org, hplusmagazine.com, and indiafuturesociety.org. 
He is currently writing his first book, At Any Cost: A Guide to The Transhumanist Wager and the Ideas of Zoltan Istvan. http://transhumanistwagerguide.com/

Back in the 20th century, Chris was a student and researcher in Artificial Intelligence (neural modeling), Lisp programming and a professional software geek. 

He is also a percussionist/composer, martial artist, powerlifter, proto Renaissance man, and budding bon vivant.

Chris has a BFA and MFA from California Institute of the Arts in World Music. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their two fully-transhuman dogs, Buddy and Beanie. He blogs at http://carmstrong1959blog.wordpress.com/.

His dark-ambient, atmospheric, sci-fi soundtrack sounding compositions can be found here: http://www.SpaceageFurnitureMusic.com