E31 Are You Human?

Are you Human? A better question is: are you a mammal?

Remember mammals unlike birds have both fast twitch and slow twitch muscle meshed a woven in together. Mammals unlike your turkey dinner are mix of light and dark meat. You my friend are pink meat. But what does this mean for building muscle?

Muscle fuel

Fast twitch uses glycogen which come most easily from carbohydrates. Your slow twitch use myoglobin fueled best through protein.

This is why its is easier to build fast twitch muscles during a bulking phase where more carbohydrates are introduced into the many muscle building diets.

However slow twitch endurance muscles use more protein produced and used by the eukaryot alien living inside every cell you have. That’s right mitochondria has its own DNA which is not human. But that’s another story for another time.

These slow twitch muscles are great for strength training the low reps, high weight type of workout.

So now that I am bulking for the fall/winter I have started to replace some of my chicken salads with chicken and rice and a cooked veggie.

I am also doing low rep/ high weight workouts. This includes my favorite waves sets and and negatives. I try to get up a picture and maybe a uTube video in the show notes. And you’re welcome to attach yours there as well.

The current height of my current wave set.


SciShow: White and Dark Meat


Heel vs Mid-foot Squats