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E48 Hero’s Might

The Hero’s Might (MP3)

There is something that twinkles in the eye of a hero. That twinkle is a sign of their determination. But where does this determination come from? Can that determination be created. I say yes. Yes, you can create that determination. Yes, you can create the Hero’s Might.

First, I want to talk about the determination that crates the twinkle in the hero’s eye. This determination is a desire to compete. The desire to compete is strong. It boils and brims. The desire to compete makes the hero’s mouth water. The hero may even begin to salivate at the chance to compete, for the chance to show what they are made of, and to match their might against the opposition.

The hero’s might need not just be manifest on the sports field or in the stadium, I can be on the practice mat or in the pool, it can be on the job, or a school, it could be on the exam or with the shovel or saw. The hero’s might is the determination to present your best to show the world or just yourself your strength.

This brings me to how to create the hero’s might.

The hero’s might is rarely something you are born with. But it is always possible to create it. To create the hero’s might first, choose what you want to improve at. Next learn how to improve at it. This might come from both knowledge and practice. As you practice your knowledge about how to improve can increase. This rarely happens without a goal and a deadline. This is why some compete to fuel their intensity and effectiveness of practice. Your practice does not need to be perfected before you perform, because every performance is also practice for the next time you need to perform.

If every performance is an opportunity to learn how to improve, every performance can improve the efforts you make. Choose to improve at something, choose to compete, to perform, and choose to learn. Implement these steps and ideas in your life and you too will begin to feel the hero’s might.

Never a rest day, never a cheat day, because life happens.