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I would imagine that many of you have access to the internet if you are listening to this podcast, reading this blog, finding us on facebook, iTunes, Stitcher, or getting email notifications. All of these sources can be found on the internet.

However, not under any false impressions that I am the only voice of fitness. In fact I listen to many other podcasts and watch Youtube clips of others engaged in fitness. With all the voices out there it can be hard to know who to listen to, who as the best information. who it worth getting filled in by. Well who says you have to choose, just one. I say find those voices who add something to your life and don’t try to dominate your mind space. If you were to believe some of the loudest voices in fitness you would come to believe that every success in fitness comes from protein shakes, pre-workouts, steroids, and synthol. And if you listen to these voices too much it can distract you from filling your mind with things that can inspire you to lift strong and prosper. In fact by listening to these voices over and over you may even begin preparing yourself to use these very substances that are being sensationalized.

Those who are often Feed Up with one thing or another are often Filling you up with fear and follies. With diet and fitness advices always changing how can anyone genuinely say there is only one right path to fitness. Now I have my ideas of what has worked for me and others, but I do reserve the right to change my mind when new and hopefully reliable information is presented. And as many of you know who are subscribed and have listened to past episodes know that I try to be sceptical of health claims as far as it is healthy to do so. But beware of fitness fear monger who use fear to fill you up with things that in the end wont help you to lift strong and prosper.

Just a quick note on synthol and other injectables. Please see a doctor or even a plastic surgeon to review options before injecting yourself with stuff that could rot your body from inside out or cause muscle demolishing infections. Implants might be safer. And before for you spend stupid money on these fake fixes to fitness why not spend that money on a coach who can help you maximize your natural human potential first. Just to use fear to get you one of our trainers… you know they can be found at the

But remember the more we fill up on unproductive ideas the more likely we are to get feed up and frustrated with fitness.

Now it is time to shock your body into shape. I have been engaged in a bulking rounds of exercises with high weight and low repetitions over these past months, however the itch of lean, mean, and ripped is creeping into a frenzy of excitement. But my life is not quite ready of the extra gym time needed for high reps. So as I have begun increasing my rep range I have decided to jump ahead. And do something I normally work up to.

100 reps do in a for 5 sets for 20 reps. This way I can get in an intense shorter workout with high rep range. But having just started increasing my rep range my mind is still ready to lift heavier then had I worked my way up to that range making these rounds more intense, muscle building, fat losing, and enjoyably, laughably, painfully. yummy.

So I encourage all you fitness freaks, geeks, and athletes to shock your body, Take a quick step and do your next week or round of exercise sessions doing all your exercises with a 5×20’s for 100 reps. Even if you have to start heavy  and move down in weight during that set try to keep the weight at what you might do for a warm up set of 10. That 10 -15 range you might be able to do try this week to do those exercises for 20 reps per set and 5 sets. And know that as you do it this week myself and other fitness, freaks, geeks, and athletes will be laughing our way through the pain with you. And we will all lift strong and prosper together.