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S2 E14 Suzanna Tjarks Living Healty: for the Love of Life


My name is Suzanne Tjarks. 

I was born in Ft Hood Tx and raised all over the world. I currently live in Peachtree City, Ga with my husband, Chris Tjarks, 3 time Ga Strongman, Master, and my beautiful daughter who is attending acting school.

I am 5’1.
Off season weight 138 comp weight is 124-126
I have been competing in Figure Masters and Open classes since 2011.
I started at the age of 44 when an old friend suggested I do something with all the muscle I have!
Jokingly I agreed but never thought I’d be good at it. 

2011 Vulcan Classic Novice short class 2nd, Masters short 1st , Open Short class 1st
2011 Steel World Masters Short 2nd, Open Short class 2nd
2011 Southeastern Classic Masters short class 1st, Masters Overall, Open Short class 2nd
2012 Battle at the River Chattanooga Short Class 4th
2013 WBFF Worlds Pro/Am Las Vegas Open Short 2nd, Masters 3rd
2014 WBFF ORLANDO Open class 2nd and received PRO CARD
2014 WBFF WORLDS Las Vegas PRO SHOW no place

Somewhere in there I almost died from severe-acute pancreatitis but I was not about to let that take me out. I’ll explain more in the interview.

I thought I was ready to retire after Worlds last August but I woke up one day not too long ago and the urge was burning deep to push myself harder because someone told me I didn’t have it anymore. Never tell me I can’t do something, that fuels me to fight harder than ever. So I am currently in contest prep.



S2 E13 Donnette’ Husley A Special Report

In 2010 doctors found a mass on my thyroid. since then i have underwent radiation 3 times in 4 years. At the end of last radiation in 2014 I ran a full marathon. I also joined Elite Figure and Fitness to train for a figure competition.

I placed 2nd in the Novice Category in Clash of the Capstone. My biggest challenge is learning to eat healthy. I grew up in Eight Mile, Alabama. A small country town where everyone would gather to eat. Plus we fried everything! With the help of my Coach, Greg Hassberry, I’ve learned to make the right choices without sacrificing taste. 

I also work in TV which means traveling and long hours. But I’ve learned to be prepared with my meals and schedule workouts around those events. My latest NPC show was the Vulcan Classic where I placed 3rd in Ms. Birmingham, 3rd in Masters over 35 and 5th in Open Figure. 

You can follow my journey on twitter. @donnettehulsey or

Instagram, donwon003


S2 E3 Balamane Bigger Faster Carb Loaded

I’m Saad Balamane.

I am passionate about modelling and arts. I want to use art of athletic posing to express my feelings. I feel at my best being on stage.

I did my first men physique competition and I ended up winning first place at my first show!

I prepared very hard to compete in that first show and all the others thereafter. Therefore, I keep in mind on thing: Now if you want to win, there is no way around hard work. If you want something big, you got to give a lot to get it!

Since the first time I touched a weight, I fell in love with the gym even though I didn’t know where everything was going to bring me. I should also specify how and where I started. 

It’s been 3 years now since I touch my first weight. I was 110 lb., really skinny and at 5′ 9″ tall. I had to overcome the fact that my starting situation wasn’t the ideal to build any muscle and also to stop listening to negative people around me. Again, let me tell you something, if you don’t believe you can do something then you can’t! 

My competition weight this year was 174 lb., my offseason weight was 190 lb.! So let me tell you something, it does not matter where you start at as long as you have a plan to get where you want to get! 

Episode 13: Mermaid Abs

(MP 3)

Special Credit:

Episode 13 intro Edit – Jarred Foresman

Episode 12: Gary Bye (Fitness is The Way)


In the Beginning 

I originally started bodybuilding when I was fifteen (1983), inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger and his book, “The Education of a Bodybuilder”. I was passionate about bodybuilding all through high school…hoping to be a great bodybuilder someday. But things changed quickly after high school. College, work and friends became my new commitments. I started smoking when I was eighteen and started drinking on the weekends. My healthy lifestyle slowly faded away, although I continued to train hard into my mid twenties.

Lost The Way

By the time I was thirty, I had completely stopped exercising. I was self-employed as a stock trader in the late 90’s. I chained smoked, drank tons of coffee and was very stressed out. In 2003, I filed bankruptcy and struggled financially for several years afterwards. By the time I was in my late thirties, my overall health was very poor. My lungs burned when I smoked and I was constantly coughing, spitting and out of breath. After twenty two years of smoking, I successfully quit on my son’s 12th birthday.

I remained somewhat active until I took a desk job in 2008. By 2010, I started to develop severe lower back pain. I tried chiropractic support belts which helped, but the issue was getting worse. I was in constant pain and considered seeing a chiropractor. One day on a whim I decided to workout. 


My wife had bought me a weight set and it was sitting unused for two years. That workout was amazing! It was the first time I felt a pump in a decade! It felt so good to train, I was hooked from that moment on. After only thirty days of training, ALL of my lower back pain disappeared! Within two years, I had regained all my prior strength from my twenties. 

Leading The Way

I have now been training for four years and have entered my third bodybuilding contest. My goal is to continue eating healthy, training hard and seeing how far I can develop my physique and strength. I’m passionate about training again. This has been a fantastic time in my life. I hope I can inspire others.