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S2 E15 Fitness Inspiration & Information

Monday, Session 2 Episode 15. On this episode of the Union of Muscle’s Podcast I will take a moment of a one-on-one with you. I will talk about personal identity and how that leads my desire to Inspire. I will talk about the difference between Inspiration and manipulation. I will give a few Fit Tips and I will address those who are identified as Millennials.

It’s Monday. The humanity is waking up, individuals are activating. And you’re listening to the Union of Muscle Podcast. Lift Strong and Prosper!


As babies research seems to indicate that we have not always self-identified. We did not always realize we are not all we see and hear. We did not always realize we weren’t a part of our parents. Further proof of this is our desire to assert our independence in our youth.

And maybe a part of me has not grown up or maybe I have just grown out. This is what makes it so hard for me not to help other improve on their fitness. Because I still feel as though the world is a part of me that humanity is an extension of myself. Not like I feel like a car is an extension but like my stomach.

My stomach sends signals to me about discomfort, pleasure, and I can affect the signals it sends back. And while my stomach is a part of me it is a bustling metropolis of microorganisms, enzymes and more. And while I do not have direct control over all that happens in my stomach I can affect and influence reactions.

You are like my stomach. You can send me signals and I can respond to that. It can affect me when you are upset but I do not always have to listen and I have control over what I do with you and to you but you also have the ability to react as you like. Although it seems like we have come so some agreement on what you like and what you do not like.

I would not do well without a stomach. And like wise I would not do well without a connection to humanity. But we all have the ability to choose how we connect.

This is why I feel that if you and humanity are doing well then it will help me do well. It is not directly determinative either way, but there still are correlations and sometimes causations.

Humanity is a part of me like my stomach is a part of me.Inspiration

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