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E41 How to Master Weight Loss

One thing that is so absolutely amazing about becoming a fitness freak, geek, or athlete is mastering weight loss and weight gain.

Yes, mastering these things are possible. A while there may not be one single diet or routine that fits everyone in every state of life (ie, simple fix,) There are some steps to follow to gain control.

Step 1: Acknowledge where you are currently.

  • This includes weight, height, percent body fat
    • A pound of body fat take up more volume than a pound of muscle. So you can weight more a look better if you focus more on fat loss and weight gain than wight loss and fat gain. 

Step 2: Separate blame from character and apply it to food and exercise facts.

  • You are not to blame, however your food might be.
  • You are not to blame your current workout routine is.

Step 3: Take stock of what does not work first then what does work.

  • Because most people focus on weight loss they often waste time on the search for what works and not was currently is not working.
    • If the current foods or routine is not working for you find out which foods and routines are to blame and remove them.
  • If it doesn’t help you loss body fat is it helping you gain weight.
    • It as much about body fat loss as it is about gaining weight.
    • If you can find what helps you gain weight then you know what to remove to lose weight.   

Step 4: Try something new just for fun.

  • While this might not be your first choice of diets or exercises routines give something new a try. You can learn just a much from what does work as from what doesn’t work. Just keep learning and a don’t be timid to find out why it does or more likely doesn’t work.
Step 5: Finish the program.
  • Don’t start a program you really don’t intend to finish 
  • Finish the program even if you suck at it.
    • What you can learn by completing the program will count for more when you have completed the program.
    • Even if you suck at it; the confidence gained from completion will serve you more at weight mastery than moving on to something which may or may not be a more effective mastery tool.