E30 Epic Confidence (Part 4)

Epic Confidence Part 4: The nature of human intelligence and subjective reality


Why is understanding the nature of human intelligence and subjective reality important to building epic confidence?

  1. Navigational Advantage
  2. Precision of decision
  3. Secure under pressure


What is the Nature of Human Intelligence?

  1. Time is a Measurement of change
  2. Life is Change
  3. The fluid equation of reality

What is Subjective Reality?

  1. Inputs vary
  2. Similar Inputs
  3. Inputs
  4. Past, Present, Future


  1. Understand inputs vary
  2. Discover errors in your inputs
  3. Understand limitations
  4. See the use the filters to navigate

Episode 2: Fitness & Self-Defense

Episode 2: Fitness & Self-Defense

Special Guests: 

Charlotte Snow

Charlotte Snow

James Murphy

J. Murphy


YMCA Personal Trainer & Self-Defense Coach

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