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S2 E15 Fitness Inspiration & Information

Monday, Session 2 Episode 15. On this episode of the Union of Muscle’s Podcast I will take a moment of a one-on-one with you. I will talk about personal identity and how that leads my desire to Inspire. I will talk about the difference between Inspiration and manipulation. I will give a few Fit Tips and I will address those who are identified as Millennials.

It’s Monday. The humanity is waking up, individuals are activating. And you’re listening to the Union of Muscle Podcast. Lift Strong and Prosper!


As babies research seems to indicate that we have not always self-identified. We did not always realize we are not all we see and hear. We did not always realize we weren’t a part of our parents. Further proof of this is our desire to assert our independence in our youth.

And maybe a part of me has not grown up or maybe I have just grown out. This is what makes it so hard for me not to help other improve on their fitness. Because I still feel as though the world is a part of me that humanity is an extension of myself. Not like I feel like a car is an extension but like my stomach.

My stomach sends signals to me about discomfort, pleasure, and I can affect the signals it sends back. And while my stomach is a part of me it is a bustling metropolis of microorganisms, enzymes and more. And while I do not have direct control over all that happens in my stomach I can affect and influence reactions.

You are like my stomach. You can send me signals and I can respond to that. It can affect me when you are upset but I do not always have to listen and I have control over what I do with you and to you but you also have the ability to react as you like. Although it seems like we have come so some agreement on what you like and what you do not like.

I would not do well without a stomach. And like wise I would not do well without a connection to humanity. But we all have the ability to choose how we connect.

This is why I feel that if you and humanity are doing well then it will help me do well. It is not directly determinative either way, but there still are correlations and sometimes causations.

Humanity is a part of me like my stomach is a part of me.Inspiration

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S2 E13 Donnette’ Husley A Special Report

In 2010 doctors found a mass on my thyroid. since then i have underwent radiation 3 times in 4 years. At the end of last radiation in 2014 I ran a full marathon. I also joined Elite Figure and Fitness to train for a figure competition.

I placed 2nd in the Novice Category in Clash of the Capstone. My biggest challenge is learning to eat healthy. I grew up in Eight Mile, Alabama. A small country town where everyone would gather to eat. Plus we fried everything! With the help of my Coach, Greg Hassberry, I’ve learned to make the right choices without sacrificing taste. 

I also work in TV which means traveling and long hours. But I’ve learned to be prepared with my meals and schedule workouts around those events. My latest NPC show was the Vulcan Classic where I placed 3rd in Ms. Birmingham, 3rd in Masters over 35 and 5th in Open Figure. 

You can follow my journey on twitter. @donnettehulsey or

Instagram, donwon003


S2 E7 Mariana Belief Power and Beauty


Mariana Fernandes is a born and raised New Jersey girl, but this IFBB Pro athlete has tropical Brazilian blood running through her veins. Ever since Mariana was very young she has always been very active and attracted to this kind of lifestyle. At the age of 8, she became a part of a local dance company and pursued ballet, modern, jazz for the following 10 years of her life. However, when she got to Rutgers University she put her dancing aside and began focusing on her studies where she earned her degree in Psychology and a double minor in Public Health and Women & Gender Studies.

Nevertheless, in order to stay fit, she joined a local gym and began exploring different ways of staying in shape. At first, as any typical rookie to the gym, Mariana was completely intimated by the endless sea of equipment, which caused her to only stick to her comfort zone of treadmills and ellipticals. But with time she began exploring weight training and preparing for 5k races and obstacle challenges. When she began to realize how she was able to shape and mold her body to her liking she wanted to push herself even further. This was when she reached out to Bombshell Fitness and began preparing for her first NPC show. 

February 2014 marked that date she first began to seriously prepare for her first NPC Show. From the moment she stepped on stage she knew she had found her calling and completely fell in love with the sport. Mariana pushed herself not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well making her grow in ways she had never expected. Her first show was in April 2014 and by her 5th show on July 2014 she was on the NPC National stage and earned her IFBB Pro Card as well as taking the title of Overall Bikini Champion.

Mariana is determined to continuously push her limits to see how far she can go. Her heart is all about fitness, having fun, and being adventurous. She loves to be able to inspire others and the biggest compliment she can receive is when someone tells her that she was the one that caused them to change their lives for the better.


Mariana’s Facebook

Instagram: mariana.fernandes0507

E48 Hero’s Might

The Hero’s Might (MP3)

There is something that twinkles in the eye of a hero. That twinkle is a sign of their determination. But where does this determination come from? Can that determination be created. I say yes. Yes, you can create that determination. Yes, you can create the Hero’s Might.

First, I want to talk about the determination that crates the twinkle in the hero’s eye. This determination is a desire to compete. The desire to compete is strong. It boils and brims. The desire to compete makes the hero’s mouth water. The hero may even begin to salivate at the chance to compete, for the chance to show what they are made of, and to match their might against the opposition.

The hero’s might need not just be manifest on the sports field or in the stadium, I can be on the practice mat or in the pool, it can be on the job, or a school, it could be on the exam or with the shovel or saw. The hero’s might is the determination to present your best to show the world or just yourself your strength.

This brings me to how to create the hero’s might.

The hero’s might is rarely something you are born with. But it is always possible to create it. To create the hero’s might first, choose what you want to improve at. Next learn how to improve at it. This might come from both knowledge and practice. As you practice your knowledge about how to improve can increase. This rarely happens without a goal and a deadline. This is why some compete to fuel their intensity and effectiveness of practice. Your practice does not need to be perfected before you perform, because every performance is also practice for the next time you need to perform.

If every performance is an opportunity to learn how to improve, every performance can improve the efforts you make. Choose to improve at something, choose to compete, to perform, and choose to learn. Implement these steps and ideas in your life and you too will begin to feel the hero’s might.

Never a rest day, never a cheat day, because life happens.

E47 More Muscle More Problems


  1. Sleeping on your side
  2. Pullovers
  3. Shaker Cups
  4. Water jugs
  5. Shower Sandals 
  6. Bodybuilding vs Powerlifting
  7. Eating out
  8. Helping out
  9. Attention in Public
  10. Intimidating
  11. Carb Craving Crankiness 
  12. Body  dysmorphia
  13. Extended gut
  1. bigger pillows, spell on your back, or phone a friend 
  2. zippers
  3. clean daily
  4. recycle or invent something new
  5. hand dryers
  6. do one then the other
  7. No cheat meal/day
  8. show what muscle is made of
  9. Be magnanimous
  10. Be the first to say hello
  11. Slow and steady, don’t clown around 
  12. Track progress and be kind
  13. Eat frequently 

E39 Top 6 Gym Requirements

  1. The equipment
    • The equipment you need
    • Good repair
    • Availability
    • Variety
    • Re-racked
  2. The People
    • Staff
    • Peers
    • Networking/Dating
  3. Cleanliness
    • Equipment
    • Bathroom
    • Other areas (pool, hot tub, courts, exc.)
  4. Location
    • Close to home
    • Safe Area
    • Neighborhood
  5. Other Amenities
    • Networking/Dating
    • Variety
  6. Fair Price

E38 Forever IQ Rick Rosner

From Wikipedia:

Richard G. “Rick” Rosner (born May 2, 1960) is an American television writer and media figure known for his high intelligence test scores and his unusual career. There are reports that he has achieved some of the highest scores ever recorded on IQ tests designed to measure exceptional intelligence. He has become known for taking part in activities not usually associated with geniuses.

  • Omega-3 fish oil capsules 
  • Half an aspirin 
  • Metformin 
  • Metoprolol 
  • Glisodin 
  • Avodart 
  • Astragalus 
  • Fiber gummies 
  • Fat blockers 
  • Prescription and non-prescription drugs to lower cholesterol 
  • Curcumin 
  • ToCoQ10 
  • L-carnosine 
  • ALA and acetyl L-carnitine 
  • Vitamin D3 
  • Vitamin C 
  • Vitamin E with selenium and also Gamma E 
  • Lycopene 
  • TMG (trimethylglycene) 
  • Calcium 
  • Benfotamine 
  • N-acetyl cysteine 
  • Mangosteen/pomegranate/noni complex 
  • Vitamin K 
  • Horse chestnut 
  • Quercetin & bromelain 
  • Coffee 
  • Phosphatidylserine 
  • DMAE 
  • Aminoguanidine 
  • Centrophenoxine 
  • Piracetam 
  • Cognitex from Life Extension 
  • Vinpocetine (occasionally) 
  • Methylene blue


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