E42 Everyday I am Hustling

To “Lift Strong” your need to build epic confidence. To “Lift Strong and Prosper” you must hustle.

In past episodes we have talked about how to build epic confidence. At some point I may have talked about how epic confidence is best built on positive truths which you can identify about yourself. The best way to identify positive truth about yourself is find some successes. Success that builds epic confidence come by the paying into the hustle.

There are millions of ways to prosper; a million ways to build success, however for prosperity to bring more prosperity and for success to bring more success it needs to built on a foundation of effort and knowledge. This sweet equity can only come through the hustle. Whether digging a foundation, or broking a contractor to do the same hustle in needed.

Hustle is needed to build the best body of your life. Hustle is need to build the best relationships of your life. Hustle is needed to build the best business of your life. Hustle is needed to climb the ranks, to get the grade, to past the test, to win the competition. All these great accomplishments have one thing very much often in common; Hustle.

Have I convinced you yet the hustle is important? Hustle is a battle to be the author of your life, to be the owner of your expression, to live as you would an not only as the wind would have you. Even those who seek “the simple life” need to hustle to keep the butter churning.

Once you have decided that “everyday your hustle’n,” then need to commit to an effective hustle.

An effective hustle is one that builds knowledge and creates wisdom, An effective hustle builds stepping stones to help you reach hirer. It is however less effective to hustle at things which do not build knowledge, skill, or stepping stones. And that brings us to the more difficult part of hustling. Choosing your hustle.

There are three main areas choose your hustle Health, Wealth, and Relationships. Now I don’t expect everyone to come to the same conclusion about what a healthy, what wealthy is and what good relationships are. However I think there is room for coming to terms on the need for hustle in these areas if you are a Fitness Freak, Geek. or Athlete.

Stay thirsty my friends. Never be satisfied with the knowledge you have the wisdom you use or the levels you have obtained. However, to build stepping stones to further you hustle you must recognize things that work and things that don’t work. Hustle for hustle sake is less effective.

Thinks I suggest to improve your hustle

  • Health
    • Dedicate quality time daily to health and wellness
    • Always be willing to learn something new even if you’re simply learning what someone else thinks about it
  • Wealth
    • Become a student of how to add value to the lives of others
    • Have more than one poker in the fire (diversify in your income as well as investments)
    • Do not deal in desperation or emotion; unless you admit that you are.
  • Relationships
    • Do not deal in desperation or emotion; unless you admit that you are.
    • Respect yourself so you can respect others
    • If you have trouble finding quality relationships; widen your field 
    • If you have trouble quantity of relationships; narrow your field
Abs & Calves
Ab crunch with a pulley and a rope
Calves Quadfecta 

Episode 15: JaVonte’ Ashford Diamond Cut Muscle



JaVonte’ is currently a college administrator, coach and natural bodybuilder competitor that has figured out how to balance achieving his own personal goals along with helping others achieve theirs. His ability to work over 50 hours a week and still stay dedicated to his physique has caught the attention of and inspired many. He recently signed to Diamond Cut Supplements as an athlete where he will help market and promote their brand.

Instagram: natural_jla