S2 E16 Dutchfitgirl A Journey from Loaded Down to Starlet

My name is Daphne Bansberg and I was born in the Netherlands, lived in Switzerland, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and currently in sunny California. I got serious about weight training and living a healthier lifestyle in 2013 after the stillbirth of my son and later on spending 4 months of complete hospital bed rest pregnant with my daughter. I wanted to be happier and find a positive outlet to help cope with my emotions and to generally live a healthier life. I competed in my first NPC bikini Competition June 2014 and have done 2 more shows since then. I am also the proud business owner and designer of Starlet Suits Custom Competition Bikinis. Competing, training, inspiring others, and focusing on better health has truly been a blessing for me. 

NPC San Diego State Championships 2nd place Novice 4th place Open

NPC Grand Prix No placing

NPC Titan Grand Prix 5th place novice 5th place open

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S2 E13 Donnette’ Husley A Special Report

In 2010 doctors found a mass on my thyroid. since then i have underwent radiation 3 times in 4 years. At the end of last radiation in 2014 I ran a full marathon. I also joined Elite Figure and Fitness to train for a figure competition.

I placed 2nd in the Novice Category in Clash of the Capstone. My biggest challenge is learning to eat healthy. I grew up in Eight Mile, Alabama. A small country town where everyone would gather to eat. Plus we fried everything! With the help of my Coach, Greg Hassberry, I’ve learned to make the right choices without sacrificing taste. 

I also work in TV which means traveling and long hours. But I’ve learned to be prepared with my meals and schedule workouts around those events. My latest NPC show was the Vulcan Classic where I placed 3rd in Ms. Birmingham, 3rd in Masters over 35 and 5th in Open Figure. 

You can follow my journey on twitter. @donnettehulsey or

Instagram, donwon003


S2 E7 Mariana Belief Power and Beauty


Mariana Fernandes is a born and raised New Jersey girl, but this IFBB Pro athlete has tropical Brazilian blood running through her veins. Ever since Mariana was very young she has always been very active and attracted to this kind of lifestyle. At the age of 8, she became a part of a local dance company and pursued ballet, modern, jazz for the following 10 years of her life. However, when she got to Rutgers University she put her dancing aside and began focusing on her studies where she earned her degree in Psychology and a double minor in Public Health and Women & Gender Studies.

Nevertheless, in order to stay fit, she joined a local gym and began exploring different ways of staying in shape. At first, as any typical rookie to the gym, Mariana was completely intimated by the endless sea of equipment, which caused her to only stick to her comfort zone of treadmills and ellipticals. But with time she began exploring weight training and preparing for 5k races and obstacle challenges. When she began to realize how she was able to shape and mold her body to her liking she wanted to push herself even further. This was when she reached out to Bombshell Fitness and began preparing for her first NPC show. 

February 2014 marked that date she first began to seriously prepare for her first NPC Show. From the moment she stepped on stage she knew she had found her calling and completely fell in love with the sport. Mariana pushed herself not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well making her grow in ways she had never expected. Her first show was in April 2014 and by her 5th show on July 2014 she was on the NPC National stage and earned her IFBB Pro Card as well as taking the title of Overall Bikini Champion.

Mariana is determined to continuously push her limits to see how far she can go. Her heart is all about fitness, having fun, and being adventurous. She loves to be able to inspire others and the biggest compliment she can receive is when someone tells her that she was the one that caused them to change their lives for the better.


Mariana’s Facebook

Email: mari.fernandes0507@yahoo.com
Instagram: mariana.fernandes0507

S2 E5 Tania Clark Ageless on Fitness


Tania Clark
WBFF Pro Figure Diva/Athlete

Hello everyone, my name is Tania Clark. I am 48 years old and a pro figure competitor with the WBFF (World of Beauty and Fitness and Fashion). My decision to embrace health and fitness was about 3 years ago. Battling hypothyroidism, poor diet, extra weight around my middle, and basically just feeling lousy every day I knew something needed to change. 

As a previous weight lifter in my 20’s it was nice getting back in the swing of a lifting routine. After a few months of lifting, I also started cleaning up my diet and started noticing some positive changes in how I felt on the inside as well as the changes on the outside, which was muscle development and fat loss. 

It was the best I felt in many years and to see my changes was extremely exciting. To reach optimal health was my ultimate goal and competing was not even on the table at this point. I had started reading about figure competing and had my interest peaked and was secretly thinking to myself I wonder if this would be possible especially at my age. Needless to say I had no idea my coach, Greg Hasberry with Elite Figure and Fitness, best coach in the business, trains at my current gym and encouraged me to try competing, my journey started and I have never looked back. Being involved in figure competing takes dedication and at times challenging yourself beyond what you think you can endure. Many women are retiring at my age from competing and here I am just getting started, but that does not stop me at all. 

I believe timing is everything and with my kids grown has allowed me the time and resources to train and give it my best. I refuse to use my age as an excuse and promise myself each day I get out of that bed to push hard and give 100%. 

My coach has taught me to be patient, muscle does not grow overnight and it takes time to build and develop your physique to achieve your goals. Greg has also taught me that we compete with ourselves and not to compare ourselves against others. I always let that resonate in my head when I am on stage which allows me to shine bright and no matter the results I have given it my best. 

Each person possesses a unique quality and we should embrace those outstanding qualities and showcase them with confidence and pride. When you can understand that then you will be unstoppable to achieve any goal you set out to accomplish. After two years of hard core training, in May, 2014, Orlando Florida I was awarded my pro card, figure division, with the WBFF at the age of 47. I actually could not believe it!! I had to keep pinching myself. My dream just became a reality!! Wow!! How many times in your life can you actually say those words? Hard work and dedication pays off and when you reach that goal it is the best feeling you can ever imagine! Your passion will shine through you on how much you enjoy living a healthier lifestyle and to be an inspiration to others that are looking to make that change as well.

Since cleaning up my diet I really became interested in nutrition, especially the science aspect. Back when I started my clean eating over 3 years ago, a friend recommend the Paleo Diet. Never heard of it, but when I started seeing the results I was absolutely hooked. I was extremely curious so I started reading books, studying Paleo and working in my kitchen to eventually create my own recipes. I do not consider Paleo a diet, I consider it an eating lifestyle. 

I have been practicing Paleo for 3 years now and non-stop in my kitchen developing my personal Paleo favorite dishes and a meal plan and nutrition guide. My belief is nutrition starts in the kitchen. Its back to basics just like my grandma cooked when I was a child, nothing processed just good whole food cooking. The Paleo eating lifestyle, as I like to call it, consists of protein in each meal like organic eggs, grass fed beef, chicken, turkey or fish. Loads of veggies and fresh fruits like apples, pears, and berries. Also healthy animal fats like cooking with ghee (butter), lard, bacon grease, and coconut oil, I also consume nuts and seeds, like almonds, cashews, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, raisins just to name a few. 

I love making my own trail mix and power bars and use different nuts and dried fruits. Also I enjoy good carbohydrates sources like sweet potatoes, and will consume some grains like brown or white rice in moderation due to my activity level. I keep my cheat meals to once a week and I eat small meals 5 to 6 times a day. My cheats are some yummy sweets and I do enjoy an occasional red glass of wine. 

You need to enjoy your favorites and allow yourself that indulgence and not deprive yourself. Paleo keeps me satisfied due to the healthy fat and protein content. The key is allowing your insulin to stay at a healthy level and avoid cravings like sugar and grains will tend to cause that issue. The way I look at nutrition is fuel for your body. You want to nourish it with the best foods to give you maximum results. Remember nutrition is 80% and exercise 20%. The nutrition must change along with a workout program to get the results you desire. 

My future plans are to help others achieve their goals whether to lose weight or just reach optimal health simply by feeding your body with proper nutrition and supplementation. I hope to inspire, motivate and help others with what has helped me personally achieve my health and fitness goals. Our food today is not the same food we consumed as kids. It is full of chemicals, artificial ingredients and also over processed that just continue to negatively affect the health of our society. 

Education is key to help others understand how to shop and cook again. It starts in the kitchen and not at a fast food restaurant and not in a box or can. Need to get back to basics in eating and my goal is to spread that news by sharing my cooking recipes and nutrition tips with all my followers. Many people today are fighting obesity, heart disease and diabetes due to the modern conveniences of fast food, refined sugars, soda and over processed junk in our grocery stores. I am extremely passionate about helping others change their eating habits for a lifetime. 

I hope eventually one day we can convince food manufacturers that we do not want artificial ingredients, GMO’s (genetically modified foods) or over processed ingredients that leave no nutritional value. We have to continue to be a strong voice and not give up!! Our body is our biggest investment and need to fuel it with good whole foods to stay strong, healthy and to feel good each and every day. 

Also being a figure competitor and doing Paleo has some people scratching their head, since it is considered a “low-carb diet”. Paleo is naturally low in carbs, but can be modified to suit your nutritional needs depending on activity level. I add additional carbs when necessary to help me with my training and performance. 

Another reason Paleo works well is it allows me to gain a healthy weight off season and also make muscle gains while maintaining low body fat. I am 48 so doing extreme up and downs on weight is not healthy and do not want to take that risk. My coach and I both feel this program works extremely well for me and my gains are gradual and precise depending on what muscle groups we want to develop more to add symmetry and size. Also knowing that I feel
100% confident in my program translates onto the competition stage and as long as I am happy with me then I am already a winner!!

Also another key to a successful healthy lifestyle is planning your meals and snacks. I cook and prep my food weekly and it takes all the guess work out of what to eat each day. If you have it planned chances are you will follow it since you went to great lengths to cook it yourself and you know exactly what you are eating. I think
many people have a hard time with this step, but if you plan ahead and design some really simple recipes then you have just made a huge leap to a positive change in your health goals. That is what I hope my meal plans will bring to people is the ease of cooking while enjoying some really yummy foods.

I have developed a Paleo meal plan and currently working on my website Paleofitchick.com WOW, had no idea of building a website is a big challenge, but it’s a dream and goal I intend to finish and so excited and worth every minute! Below are a couple of recipes I out of my meal plan I hope you will enjoy!

Paleo Immune Booster Power Bars
8 medjool dates, pits removed
¾ coconut flakes, shredded
½ cup of raw unsalted pumpkin seeds
¾ cup of nuts, (I used ½ walnuts and ½ pecans)
½ cup cacao nibs
½ cup dried goji berries
1 tsp raw unfiltered honey
½ tsp cinnamon

First take your coconut and place in food processor and pulse until coconut is shredded. Next add your medjool dates and pulse a few times to blend with coconut. Next add your seeds, nuts, cacao nibs, berries, honey and cinnamon. Blend until the mixture starts to stick together and starts forming into a big ball. I also will add a few drops of water to make sure the mixture will stick well. After that take out and work it with your hands into a rectangular shape on plastic wrap to desired thickness and wrap up tight and place in refrigerator for a few hours and then take out and slice. This will keep fine in the refrigerator for 2 weeks or you can freeze them and take out 30 minutes before eating.

Kickin Chicken Thighs

3 pounds of boneless skinless chicken thighs
4 jalapenos diced (I use the jar jalapenos and just chop them up)
2 garlic cloves minsed
2 tbsp olive oil
4 tbsp dijon mustard
2 tbsp raw unfiltered honey
2 tsp sea salt
1 tbsp fresh or dried Rosemary
1 tsp black pepper
1 lemon

In a bowl, combine all ingredients except lemon. Next pour in a gallon ziploc bag and then add your chicken thighs to the bag. Seal shut and then I take the bag and work the marinade around the chicken make sure it is good and coated. Place in the refrigerator overnight. Next day grill them on medium heat sealed up in aluminum foil for about 20-30 minutes. Next open the foil and squeeze lemon on thighs and seal back for a few minutes.

I feel so blessed to be at this point in my life and very thankful! My goals are to help and to inspire others, especially women my age. You are never too old to chase a dream whether to get on stage or just to improve your overall quality of life. I have a wonderful family, job and coach and wonderful teammates that are always

I want to thank the WBFF, Paul and Allison Dillett for allowing me to represent their organization. I never thought in a million years I would be writing this bio and how far I have come and still yet to go. I remember when Allison presented our pro certificates that night and remembered how deep my emotions ran and how I took that dream and made it a reality. 

She also gave us some excellent advice that we should take this accomplishment and further our careers in the health and fitness industry or wherever the road of success leads us. I could not agree more and appreciate that advice that you are always growing and learning in this industry and the sky’s the limit if you put in the hard work and dedication.

Also, a huge thanks to my coach, Greg Hasberry with Elite Fitness and Figure, for training me and believing in me.

He is passionate about health and wanting the best for all of his competitors. Greg is like family to me and I am so thankful he is in my life and is constantly guiding me and my other teammates the value of success. I have so many wonderful friends and teammates that are constantly supporting me as well as each other to reach their goals. 

You definitely need that support system in your life that will help you thru your fitness journey. Also I want to thank my wonderful husband Joe who supports me 100% and is always giving me encouragement and is extremely proud of me. Also my daughters Abby and Brooke that are equally proud of me and I hope that it gives them inspiration to chase their dreams, because they do come true!!

In conclusion, as individuals we all have dreams and to turn that dream into a reality is an absolute joy that cannot be duplicated. Wherever the road my lead you, I say go for it!!! You have nothing to lose other than not trying it at all. You just have to get up and get to that start line of that race and go!! Needless to say I have my challenges just like everyone else, but I get up each day full of new goals and hopes that are waiting for me to accomplish.

We are never promised a tomorrow, so embrace each day and live your life to the fullest!!

I invite you to my facebook fan page and other social media sites to get more great nutrition tips and recipes and my journey to the 2015 Worlds Figure Pro show August in Las Vegas!!


Instagram tclarkwbffproathlete
Email tclarkpaleofit@yahoo.com
Twitter @tclarkwbffpro
Pintrest tclarkpaleofit

Episode 16: Andrea Cox (Strong, Raw, & Sexy)


In a Bombshell

Andrea L. Cox is a beautiful 5ft 10in blonde bombshell! She is a natural health guru, who lives in San Diego California. With an impressive and ever expansive resume currently behind her, Andrea has successfully branded herself as an extraordinary and authoritative published author, business woman, model, health guru, and holistic healer, in the health, fitness, and beauty industries.

Andrea and her older sister sitting on what she refers to as “Satan’s” lap, aka, Ronald McDonald


Andrea was born in a small town called Dayton, Ohio, Andrea is the youngest of three girls. Her father was an Ohio state trooper when Andrea was born and eventually started his own trucking company. Andrea’s mother worked for the local court house and took pride in raising three beautiful strong girls.

Miss Independent

Becoming independent at the age of 17, to pursue her dreams, Andrea left home. Her career began as a survival mechanism. Andrea began entering into bikini contests at the age of 20, and by the age of 22 she was spotted at the Atlanta, GA airport by a former National Geographic photographer who was shooting for Playboy and other men’s magazines.After being spotted by a glamour photographer, Andrea then began her career as a pin up and glamour model.

Glamour Tour

Andrea used a pseudo-name as she began modeling to ward off any potential “Unwanted” followers. Andrea’s first glamour photo shoot landed her on the cover of not one, but 5 magazines, including:
  •  the notoriously popular “Australian Pent House” Black and White edition series, 
  • “Playboy’s Book of Lingerie” series, and 
  • “Playboy’s Voluptuous Vixens” series. 

Andrea has been in various magazine photo spreads, among a variety of powerful and well known men’s magazine. One of her favorite modeling jobs was shooting the billboards for “Red Bull Energy Drink”! She also shot their Pin-Up Posters. This goes completely against the grain of health that Andrea believes in today! Stimulants and diet drinks are a thing of the past for Andrea and her clients!

Andrea also was featured on “Cover Girls’ Magazine” and calendar, she became a spokes model for the Ashley Talent Agency in Cincinnati Ohio Moving over into a more expansive media exposure range, she also appeared in a segment of Passport to new homes and was the star of an Indiana State Lottery commercial.

Andrea’s work and photo-shoot profiles were featured on a personal modeling website AndreaLCox.com, where her work was showcased, and gained her notoriety with her online fans.

Muscles & More

Andrea grew deeply passionate about the health and fitness industry.With her modeling career demanding aN EXTREMLY conscientious health and body fitness awareness. Andrea became captivated by the fitness and health world, and thus began her career as a fitness model, at the age of 26, after spotting a fitness magazine in the check-out isle of her local grocery store. She looked up at her boyfriend at the time and said the following words “I’m going to be on the cover of this magazine!” Just two months later, she was!

With a strong passion for working out and the fitness lifestyle Andrea quickly realized that she wanted to begin creating a dynamic brand behind herself. Dropping her fake name, Andrea moved forward into the fitness model industry, where she became the “eye candy” to get the men to purchase the magazines. Soon after, magazine covers followed! Andrea has the largest spread for a female non-competitor in “Muscular Development Magazine” to date. She has shot for spreads and covers in over 20 fitness magazines to date.
During this same time, Andrea’s health began to fail, due her high protein diet, and on going battle with bulimia for almost two years, which had now, began to take its toll.

Health & Wellness

The sudden change in her health, forced Andrea to look at her nutritional lifestyle and health once again, wherein she discovered the life changing powers of juicing, fasting and raw living foods! Andrea began to soak up information about this lifestyle and immediately made the change.

During that same year, Andrea decided it was time to follow her newfound interest in raw living foods, Andrea flew herself out to New York, to meet the author of a popular raw foods book, only to learn that the author of the book was not responsible for the advice that had been given, but rather, that it was the author’s colon hydro therapist who had the “real” knowledge.

This was the event that changed Andrea’s life forever! Little did she know it at the time, it was to become the driving force that would motivate Andrea onto a more influential path, after realizing that she would have to directly nurture herself with living foods, juices and intermediate fasting. This was a change Andrea had to make for herself and could not rely on another person to do that for her.

Inspired by the mere thought that she could change her health on a cellular level and Andrea underwent an intense self-induced journey into healing her body, healthily, and naturally.

A Raw Beginning

Andrea began a 40 day juice fast to detoxify her body, followed by a seven day water fast, she quickly realized the health benefits of raw foods and juicing, and began to immerse herself into the Raw Vegan lifestyle and world. Her raw journey had just began!

Following her new found path, she attended the California Academy of Healing Arts, where she studied holistic healing and was certified in reflexology. Andrea followed this by working closely under a Shaman, for a year to learn more about detoxification both through body and spirit.

Andrea soon realized that both men and women suffered from eating disorders that often had a mental component to them. Andrea began concentrating her efforts on spreading her experience and knowledge, and became a powerful raw vegan and health guru.

Creating her first website, at the age of 29, www.TheHealthyHaven.net is an active health and lifestyle website, designed to help teach, and inform the public about healthy ways to maintain and improve their life and lifestyle by using food as medicine! Andrea is a firm believer in the mind body connection and has become deeply spiritual since finding the Lord a few years ago.

The Juice is loose

Andrea has created and authored two books. The first “Raw-lic-ous Recipes”, is a semi auto-biography and self-help health advice book which details her trials and tribulations of living with bulimia, describing how she healed it by ‘juicing’, eating only living foods and cleansing her body through fasting.

Her second book, titled “Juicing for Beauty”, is a collection of her favorite juice, smoothie and soup recipes, designed to help any health conscious individual eat more healthily and easily, with less time wasted in the kitchen.

Andrea also created a line of ‘humic and fulvic acid’ detoxification products called “Andrea’s Breakfast”

blend and “Evening formulas”! Both of Andrea’s humic and fulvic products have been successfully sold and shipped all over the world. She also has her “lower bowel balance” formula that will wipe out constipation naturally within an hour! Over the years, Andrea has been commissioned, to write for hundreds of publications over the years, such as “Dayton Daily News”, “The Chiropractic Journal”, “Fashion 5.0”, and “Natural Living Magazine”, due to her experience and knowledge in the health and beauty industry.
Andrea has accomplished a variety of high profile spreads, and shoots, and has graced a multitude of magazine covers, for both glamour and beauty, in the health and fitness industries. One of her most famed shoots being last year with the famous Maurice Rinaldi who has shot for magazines such as Vogue!
With all of the success she has experienced with her shift into the raw vegan lifestyle, she has created a solid audience and fan base following of health enthusiasts and spiritual students.

Social Hacking

Andrea currently runs a YouTube video channel where she produces, directs and edits a daily You Tube video! This channel has drummed up close to 400,000 views in just the first year alone! Andrea also creates a steady flow of blog posts on her website www.thehealthyhaven.net where she reflects on the ups and downs of the daily life of a woman, who in her words, “Has undergone not just a health journey, but a spiritual one as well.”

Andrea has spent nearly a decade as a beauty, health and fitness expert who has overcome the obstacle of having a terrible eating disorder that takes the life of many. Andrea has firmly yet gracefully planted herself within the health, fitness, and beauty communities, as the “go-to girl” for cleansing and detoxification advice and guidance. Using her knowledge and experience, Andrea has begun hosting juice fast retreats, in La Jolla California, that have garnered the attention and praise of famous Hollywood performers and stars.

Andrea currently offers an online cleanse called The Digital Detox that for less than $100 takes you through the same protocol as her five day retreat that costs thousands.
For the more serious client Andrea’s one on one and group retreats can be found on her retreat website at www.alkalizewithandrea.com

Light & Love

Her most recent program is The 30 Day Path to Enlightenment which concentrates on detoxifying the mind, body, and spirit for extended health benefits, using the approach of doing for others to get outside of yourself! Andrea was proud to be able to create this affordable program for people. At less than a buck per day, it is life changing!

Her powerful reach in the juicing and healthy lifestyles community, has cultivated Andrea an impressive media appearance resume, with appearances on numerous television appearances, including “Dayton’s Channel 2”, San Diego’s “KUSI”, “San Diego 6”, and “Fox 45” news stations. Andrea has been interviewed on national radio shows such as “The Patrick Timpone Show” on One Radio Network, the “Rawkin Radio” show, and the “Extreme Health Radio” and The Morning Ignition radio program.

Andrea has also been featured on “The Randy Alvarez Show”, the “Raw Life Health Show”, and most recently on the “Global Health Summit”. Andrea loves sharing her expertise, and knowledge on natural health, beauty, and the benefits of a raw food lifestyle.

As a powerful health advocate, Andrea continues to speak out for bulimia and anorexia, by using her media appearances to help educate others as to the dangers and realities of the disorder. Andrea has spoken publicly about her personal battles with bulimia, on the “The Anthony Anderson Show”, “The Cool Vegetarian”, and most recently at “The Global Health Summit”.

Andrea’s expansive knowledge on natural foods and cleansing have awarded her the opportunity to also work directly with celebrities, such as a Tony Award winning playwright and even a former Brady, Christopher Knight.

Andrea is a huge supporter of the “buy local” movement in both San Diego and Ohio. Andrea’s farmers know her by name and this makes her smile from ear to ear.

Shining Her Light

Andrea continues to model on a regular basis and advocates to help her audiences achieve a healthier body image, and perception of beauty. Her most recent modeling and professional media work and portfolio can be found on her modeling website at AndreaLCox.com.

Andrea presently uses her bombshell image, glowing skin and fit healthy body, to teach audiences that they can attain and maintain a healthy lives, regardless of their age, health concerns, or other challenges.

Andrea’s coaching and guidance programs, allow her clients to naturally bring out their beauty, fitness, and strength, by using holistic empowerment and natural nourishment techniques.

Andrea’s teachings of the juice cleansing plant based lifestyle and spiritual centered lifestyle have formed a cult like following on her blogs, websites, YouTube videos, and Facebook pages, and have expanded her social media growth to over 25,000 followers between her personal and fan pages on Facebook alone! Andrea has proven that she can naturally captivate and engage audiences by becoming a beautifully empowered mentor, and coach not just in the health movement but as a marketing genus as well!

A Brand in her Hand

Andrea’s solid marketing and branding growth has most recently landed her to be featured on the “Jason Spurlock’s Nation Wide” radio show, where her marketing talents and branding power were showcased. Andrea has solidly established herself as natural health and beauty powerhouse! She has proven that she is more than just a hot body with a beautiful face! With Andrea’s ever growing popularity becoming known nationally she has shown us she has the brains to successfully represent and build powerful brands, all while complimenting her craft with a beautiful bombshell fit physique.

Beautiful both on the inside and out, Andrea continues to empower the world, both the strong and the weak with her inspiring message of self love, live foods and her ever famous signature green juice! In her own words…Enjoy the journey, you are everything you need to be, here and now”!


The Healthy Haven
Andrea L Cox
Alkalize with Andrea
Andrea’s YouTube