S2 E2 Rise Stronger Dr. Brian Epstein

Graduate Penn State University 1992
New York Chiropractic College 1995
7 NPC Competitions
9 IFBB Competitions

1/27/2009. That’s the day I said that I was going to make a change. After being struck by a drunk driver in 2002 I had been on disability for 7 years. I have 4 herniated discs in my low back. I was done being a victim. I had to make a change for my sons sake. He was turning One and I didn’t want him to know me like this. 

I had been fit for 12 years before my health was TAKEN from me. I figured I would diet and do push ups. That led to P90X. Then I dated an NPC bikini competitor and attended my first show. That is when I saw the men in board shorts. I was almost 42 years old but I knew I wanted to look like that. My grind hasn’t stopped. I did 7 NPC shows in 10 months and earned my IFBB card. I did 9 IFBB shows in 13 months. My goal is to keep improving. This is my calling. I’m 44 and I feel 34. My 30’s were robbed from me by a drunk driver. I’m taking those years back!!!!


Instagram: ifbbprodocbri
FB: Brian Epstein

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