E47 More Muscle More Problems


  1. Sleeping on your side
  2. Pullovers
  3. Shaker Cups
  4. Water jugs
  5. Shower Sandals 
  6. Bodybuilding vs Powerlifting
  7. Eating out
  8. Helping out
  9. Attention in Public
  10. Intimidating
  11. Carb Craving Crankiness 
  12. Body  dysmorphia
  13. Extended gut
  1. bigger pillows, spell on your back, or phone a friend 
  2. zippers
  3. clean daily
  4. recycle or invent something new
  5. hand dryers
  6. do one then the other
  7. No cheat meal/day
  8. show what muscle is made of
  9. Be magnanimous
  10. Be the first to say hello
  11. Slow and steady, don’t clown around 
  12. Track progress and be kind
  13. Eat frequently 

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