E34 Battle Cry and Be Clean

Muscle Motivation: Battle Cry

I have been to the end of world and seen the burning forest;
I heard the whale songs, and walked the 1,000 lakes.
I have saved babies both human and animal.
I saved marriages and risen others to new heights.
I see greatness in others and in myself.
There is nothing I can not connqure
No prize I can not win
No joy that I can not capture
No goal I can not achieve
Hear me; rejoice; and be warned
I am the greatness of humanity embodied.

Eat Clean; Be Clean

  • Tidy up to achieve
    • Create patterns/ protocols
    • Ready your life
    • Commit
Answer to this week’s FitCoin Question can be sent to: CoachPaul@UnionOfMuscle.com or in the comments below.

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