Episode 14: Banting Diet for Lean & Mean

Elna Caravias is a 33 year old Nutritional Therapist and Cosmetic Laser Therapist in South Africa. Her passion lies in the slimming industry, specifically the ketogenic diet which is now very popular in South Africa, called banting.

Elna started banting to compete in body transformation competitions. The diet served her well and she soon developed a love for the medical side of ketogenics. Beating cancer with ketogenics is a passion for her and she continues studying in this field continuously.

As a young entrepreneur, Elna is also involved in the diving tourism industry. Ketogenics serves her well when she wants to go on a scuba diving holiday as not only is the diet easy to follow anywhere in the world but she also looks at her best when she needs to most. Slimming has become Elna’s passion in life and if she can help you become fit, healthy and even fight a disease with nutrition then she will put it all in and give you her all.


Banting page on my site
Keto hero’s website (lyle McDonald)
Bodybuilding vs Lyle McDonald forum
Clinical study: Ketogenic diet for epilepsy and seizures
Caloric Restriction Diets

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