Episode 4: Acupressure & Aphrodite

Episode 4: Acupressure & Aphrodite (mp3)

Angelica Georgiles

Optimal Health Coach

“Miss Angelica is an Intuitive Healer & an Optimal Health Coach that specializes in helping people achieve improved health & vitality. Recovering from a spinal injury that turned into a chronic pain condition for over six years, Angelica is healing & has transformed through numerous challenges. These challenges have helped make her more of an empathetic and passionate healer & health coach. Currently working towards a PhD in Natural Medicine, Miss Angelica runs a healing business and coaching practice in Madison Wisconsin working with clients out of state and internationally.


She offers a variety of services ranging from:

  • Optimal Health Coaching, 
  • Massage Therapy, 
  • Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions, 
  • Biomat-Infrared Healing Sessions, 
  • Oracle Card Reading, 
  • Numerology Life Path Readings & More… 

Outside the Box

As a coach & entrepreneur, Angelica takes an “outside of the box” approach by blending alternative modeling into her business promotions & branding.She has been published by Vogue & other magazines which has given her more of an opportunity to be noticed and in turn to help more people with their health & healing. She also uses her creative influence to support animal welfare causes. “The Little Emily Project” is an animal cause that she founded that helps prevent animal abuse & overpopulation.” For more information you may visit her website: http://missangelicageorgiles.com/

Optimal Health Coaching & Consulting with Miss Angelica

Katrina Starzhynskaya

Founder of Health Mastery Program

Katrina Starzhynskaya is the founder of the Health Mastery program. Katrina is a:
  • Holistic Nutritionist, 
  • Acupuncturist, 
  • Health Care Researcher, 
  • Public Speaker, 
  • and a Health Coach. 

    Fitness & Illness

    Katrina is also a Yoga and Fitness Instructor, Tennis Player, and a Model. After being undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, and finally diagnosed with Lyme disease; Katrina realized that Western Medicine had failed her; that medical doctors had no clue how to treat Lyme and other degenerative diseases. 

    Helping Others

    She rejected the tag of “incurable” put on her and began researching and trying practically every kind of alternative treatment known to man. After her recovery, Katrina is continuing to research holistic medicine and drug-free treatments. She travels the world to meet and learn from healers, holistic doctors, health coaches, and real patients who cured their “incurable” diseases. Katrina helps people reverse chronic illnesses by offering guidance with drug-free treatments.

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